Proton Pure’s Triple Action Filtering Technology

Proton Pure is the only air purifier on the market that uses Triple-Action cleansing technology to scrub your air clean

1. Sophisticated Mechanical Filter
Designed to eradicate solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold and bacteria. Resulting in clean, fresh air coming out the other side. Goodbye hay fever and congestion!

2. True High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (True HEPA™)
The highest air filter standard used by the military to filter poisonous gases. True HEPA™ is rated to stop 99.97% of air pollutants and harmful particles as small as 0.3 microns.

3. Activated Carbon Filtration
The final level of defense is responsible for eliminating nasty odors like tobacco smoke and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) like chemicals from sprays and detergents.

How Proton Pure’s Multi Layered System Takes Air Filtration To The Next Level

Proton Pure uses 8 layers of advanced filtration to deliver the purest, healthiest air in your home.

True HEPA™ Filtration - The Highest Filtration Standard, Backed By Science

How True HEPA™ Filtration Let’s You Breath Crystal Clean Air

High-Efficiency Particulate Air, better known as ‘HEPA’, was already one of the best available filtration systems. It is rated to remove 90% of contaminants in the air.

True HEPA™ is the upgraded version that has been standardized by the military to remove 99.97% of particles up to the size of 0.3 microns. That means it filters out even the tiniest of particles like pollen, dust, mold and bacteria.

The filter works by trapping dangerous contaminants and disabling them within the filter chamber, while letting fresh air out the other side.

Why Proton Pure Is The Only Trusted Choice In Air Filtration

Proton Pure’s breakthrough purification is the result of years of dedicated research and development. Our team of engineers have combined the benchmark True HEPA™ filtration with our unique 8-Layer system to set the new gold standard in air cleansing technologies. All of this has allowed Proton Pure to deliver unparalleled rapid action against air-borne contaminants and nasty odors.

Award-Winning Features

Easy To Use

Just place Proton Pure in any room and watch it effortlessly scrub the air with the press of a button. It will filter the air of any regular-sized room or living space.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Even when working at maximum capacity, Proton Pure will not produce more than 30 decibels of sound. This is quieter than the sound of rustling leaves!

Adjustable Airflow

Proton Pure allows you to fine-tune its performance by adjusting the speed and cooling levels.

Smart, Simple Control

Manage all of Proton Pure’s functions through a simple touch-screen. The display will even warn you when it is time to change your True HEPA™ filter.

Modern Design

Proton Pure’s compact, sleek design doesn’t have big, bulky parts like other purifiers. It takes up very little space, while adding a touch of elegance to any room.

Timer Function

Set the timer according to your needs and Proton Pure will turn itself off. You never need to interrupt an activity just to press a button.

Clean Air On-The-Go

Proton Pure uses USB Type-C to charge its 15,000 mA battery. This gives you the ability to take the air filter with you anywhere and a full charge will last up to 7 hours on the highest setting.

Low-Energy Consumption

Proton Pure supports green and is designed for maximum efficiency. It will not waste any valuable energy beyond what it needs to operate. No outrageous power bills!

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I live in an old house, so dust is a huge issue. I've owned three other air purifiers so far. This one is by far the most effective. Which is shocking because it also costs me the least in power bills! Not only has the air VISIBLY gotten cleaner, but I can breathe and sleep so much easier. You have to try it!

Frank F. Steed

Oakland, CA

We love this purifier so far! Breathing clean air is so important now more than ever. I’m feeling much more confident about the air in our home since we’ve started using this air purifier in our living room where we spend most of our time together as a family. I love that instead of just trapping the pollutants, it actually destroys them. It was so easy to set up, runs quietly and looks beautiful in our home. I’m very happy with this purifier, it’s a must have for those with allergies and pets!

Sherri C. Calderon

Eau Claire, WI

This product is so beautiful I want it out on display. My favorite feature is it can detect what mode it needs to be on by determining the amount of pollen, bacteria etc in the air and it will switch to the proper mode. I've been looking for a good air purifier due to the poor air quality in my city (SLC) and it feels good knowing that we can sleep at night with clean air.

Melinda R. Lyall

Salt Lake City, UT

Love this air purifier, my home feels so much more clean and fresh and the noise level is almost unnoticeable. It can be easily moved room to room, but I’d love to get these for every room in the house. And it’s so aesthetically pleasing, most air purifiers don’t have that quality.

Pamela P. Neff

Harahan, LA

Proton Pure Has Helped Deliver Clean Air To Thousands Of Homes

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Average Rating

Katy L. - Wyoming

“As a full time owner of 3 dogs, pet dander had become the norm at my home. With Proton Pure the problem was eliminated. Now I can have anyone at my house, even my friends with allergies to dogs!”

Javier H. - California

“I’ve dealt with congested sinuses most of my life. Every morning I have to spend 2 hours blowing my nose every other minute. Within a couple of days of using Proton Pure my sinuses completely cleared up. Now I can actually smell my morning coffee!”

Ellen D. - Connecticut

“It feels like my kids are constantly sick. This has helped eliminate their colds, and keeps them from spreading to the whole family!”

Dedicated To Helping Families All Over The World Breathe Fresh, Clean Air

At Proton Pure, we firmly believe that everyone should have access to clean, non-toxic air. That’s why we are devoted to producing world-class and easy-to-use air cleaning solutions. Clean oxygen is the most vital ingredient of life. Our expert team has worked tirelessly to give it to you with the press of a button, at a price you can afford.